A new life for your used Kaikos

You can now sell us your Kaiko products in good condition and you don't need them, and you will receive a gift card to our online store as compensation.

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Recycle and turn your used Kaiko products into a gift card

We want to make recycling as easy as possible for you! Send used Kaiko products back to us, we will buy them in exchange for a gift card and find them a new home. Easy, fast and responsible!

Our recycling partner is the Finnish Ninyes, which is Northern Europe's first and only trading point for used, only responsibly produced clothes. You can find the best used Kaiko products in the Ninyes online store.

1. Fill in and send the recycling form .

2. Pack the clothes for sale, add a note inside the package with your name, number and email address. See detailed mailing instructions below.

3. When we have received and processed your clothes, you will receive the refund value of the clothes in your email. Once you have accepted the value, you will receive a gift card in your email.

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Easy and fast:

For each product approved for sale, we will pay you either 70% (for products with a value of more than €70) or 50% (for products with a value of less than €70) of the estimated selling price of the product. The refund is paid in the form of a gift card.

You will receive a gift card about two weeks after you have sent your recyclable clothes to Ninyes. The Kaiko gift card can only be used for standard-priced products and cannot be combined with other benefits. The gift card is valid for three months from the date of issue.

More information, exact instructions and conditions can be found on the website of our recycling partner Ninyes .


All Kaiko women's and children's clothing and accessories (including earrings!), headwear, home textiles and bags. The products must be in good condition, intact and clean, neat and salable.


Dirty, stained or broken clothes and accessories, greyed, faded or discolored, duplicate products or products that have already been used up. The products must not contain animal hair or strong smells. Model pieces or Grade II with Kaiko branding cut in half.

Hygiene products or small accessories such as underwear and socks and hair accessories. The assumed selling price of the garment used must be at least €10.

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Why recycle?

So that the used Kaiko products circulate for as long as possible and so that their recycling is as easy, safe and useful as possible for you. The greater the use of clothing, the lower its overall impact on nature. By recycling, we can reduce the carbon footprint created by Kaiko products.

We want to be trendsetters in how, by investing in high-quality clothes, everyone can vote with their feet against disposable culture.

Kaiko's design philosophy is based on the fact that the products are timeless, of high quality and are designed to match the products of previous seasons. We hope that the design will not "get old" in the eyes of our customers either, but will last the entire (hopefully very long!) life cycle of the garment.

We experience great success and joy when we see Kaikos purchased by customers from previous seasons still in use and small clothes delighting their next users.

Thanks for recycling!

Mail from Finland:

Matkahuolto and Posti codes only work in Finland.

Matkahuolto return code: 9545051

Posti's customer return code: 671577

Shipping address: Ninyes Oy, Veneentekijiantie 18 B, 00210 Helsinki

You can also bring clothes for free:
• Ninyes Oy, Veneentekijiantie 18 B, Helsinki
• Shopping center Redi / Second Hand Market 3rd floor, Hermanni rantatie 5

Mail from other countries:

Read more detailed shipping instructions and prices on the Ninyes website .

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Do you still want to handle the sale yourself?

Did you know that our customers maintain an active and popular Kaiko flea market on Facebook? This is also a good option if you prefer to handle the sales process yourself from start to finish!

Thank you for being a part of our dream of making sustainable fashion!